Choosing Safety Glasses

Hellberg’s wide range of protective eyewear is built with lightweight, durable materials and lens technology developed especially for workers. Our safety glasses ensure a clear line of sight and safe vision, offering complete protection and comfort throughout the workday.


Designed to enhance safety in all conditions, Hellberg glasses and goggles have impact-resistant lenses with anti-scratch endurance coating on both sides. They are available in several different lens types, each one selected for optimal protection and clear vision in a wide range of conditions. You can also find safety glasses that can be worn together with prescription glasses.


Why should I wear safety glasses?

Protective eyewear help protect your eyes from various work injuries such as chemical splashes, particles in the air and radiation. Hellberg safety glasses and safety goggles combine state-of-the-art technology and great quality with an impeccable user experience. They can easily be combined with hearing protection, safety helmets and visors.

High-quality materials, ergonomic design and practical features such as a soft nose bridge and adjustable temples make sure that the glasses stay in place on your face and under your hearing protection.

Which safety glasses should I choose?

Safety glasses or safety goggles should be worn in any work environment that contain potential dangers to your eyes. Since your eyes are vulnerable, it is very important to adapt the protection to the conditions you work in. Eye protection is marked in different classes, adapted to different areas of use.



When working with metal, wood or stone, particles can easily hit the eyes and do great damage. Even very small particles can hurt your eyes. That is why you need safety glasses with impact protection.

Typical work situations that can produce dangerous particles are cutting or grinding metals, sawing wood with a chainsaw, or striking and hammering stone. The more powerful tools and power used, the greater the risk of injury. Combine your eye protection with a full-face face shield when necessary.

Liquids and chemicals

Harmful liquids and chemicals can cause serious damage to your eyes. Dangerous liquids and chemicals easily splash, and also pose a danger to your skin and the rest of your face. When needed, we recommend a combination with full face protection that is approved to relevant protection levels.

Low Light

If you need safety glasses that provide enhanced light and contrast when working in dark environments, choose the lens type ELC, Enhanced Light Coating. This coating is also suitable for moving in and out between sunlight and indoor artificial light.

Safety sunglasses

When you need protection from sun glare, choose a pair of safety sunglasses. The UV radiation protection level is available with both clear and coloured lenses. Our lens coatings Smoke Blue Mirror and Smoke Red Mirror are suitable for working outdoors in the sun. The red coating is the best choice for very sunny conditions. Anti-fog lenses ensure that your lenses will not steam up in hot and humid conditions.

If you need to move back and forth between indoors and outdoors, the In/Outdoor or Photochromatic lens coating is a great choice for your safety glasses.


Finding the best safety glasses

The best safety glasses are the glasses or goggles that meet both the requirements of your work conditions and your personal preferences. Great safety glasses do not only provide excellent protection, they are also comfortable to wear. Comfort is a very important feature in eye protection since it ensures that your glasses or goggles are worn as much as possible. As always, the best protective equipment is the one that is actually used. This is why Hellberg safety glasses are lightweight and comfortable with an ergonomic design.