Safety Glasses

Neon Clear

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Neon Clear  - 1
Neon Clear  - 2
  • General use heavy duty goggle with indirect ventilation
  • Fits over prescription glasses (RX)
  • Protects against liquid droplets and splashes

Hellberg Neon heavy duty safety goggles for general use will protect against liquid splashes and particles. As standard equipped with Anti-fog, Anti-Scratch coating and UV light blocker. Designed to comfortable be worn in combination with prescription glasses.


Impact Resistant B


Protection Against Splashes and Particles

Great coverage and seal protecting your eyes against liquid splashes and flying particles.

Clear Lens

Clear lens for all indoor applications ensuring the highest optical class. Protect against UVA-UVB (99,99%) and has good color recognition. Suitable for General work, Machine operation, Lab works, Construction, Workshop applications

Anti-Scratch Coating

Protects both sides of the lens against surface scratching increasing the lifespan of the eyewear.

Anti-Fog Coating

Prevents both sides of the lens from fogging or steaming up when exposed to warm humid environments.

Approval Info

EN standards approval:

EN 166:2001 / EN 170:2002

Eye and faceprotection markings:

2C-1.2 HS 1BT

ANSI approval:

ANSI Z87.1-2020

CSA approval:

CSA Z94.3-2007

Environmental approvals:


Technical data


89 g

Light transmittance:

89 %