Polycarbonate Goldplated Visor

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Polycarbonate Goldplated Visor
  • Protection against high heat infrared radiation

The goldplated polycarbonate visor reflects heat and protects against infrared radiation, molten metal and harmful liquid splashes. It is designed to be combined with earmuffs, helmets and carriers for a full above the neck protection. The visor is approved to medium impact and is suitable forprotection against radiant heat, such as short exposures when opening inspection hatches to molten metal furnaces.


Uniform visor design

All Hellberg visors follow the same shape and design, allowing any visor to fit any visor carrier. This makes it easy to swap between different visors for different work tasks without needing to change the carrier.

Quick and easy visor assembly

The face protection system mounts easily to any Hellberg hearing protector as well as safety helmets and stand-alone visor carriers. And it is as easily removed, perfect for when you are switching between different work tasks in noisy environments.

Protection against IR radiation

The gold plating blocks out IR radiation and reflects heat off the visor surface. Suitable when monitoring heat sources such as furnaces with molten metal.

Approval Info

EN standards approval:

EN 166:2001

Eye and faceprotection markings:

4-5 HS 1B9

ANSI approval:

ANSI Z87.1-2003

Environmental approvals:


Technical data


96 g


250 mm


1 mm